Friday, October 22, 2017 from 7:00-9:00 pm (in coordination with the opening of FRAGMENTS by Gert Scheerlinck)
Please note: Saturday’s performance has been cancelled.
Sunday SITES will perform “cilia” featuring artist Stephanie Leathers (curator of Sunday SITES).
Leathers will stir the air with movement and questions that send bodies into motion. This highly improvisational endurance performance will utilize available space, textiles and the natural landscape to evoke questions about how we are present with others (community) and ourselves?
Audience members are encouraged to move through, observe and interact with the performers. Level of involvement is up to the viewer.
Stephanie Leathers is a choreographer, photographer, educator, artist, and Durham native. In addition to connecting and collaborating with members of the community, she is the curator of SundaySITES, a site-responsive investigation on the theme of development. Currently, Stephanie is a dance educator for ADF’s Scripps Studios and Durham Public Schools.

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