Ben Elliot Water

On view by appointment from May 26 – June 11, 2017.
Read the interview.


Guest Room presents a solo show by Ben Elliot, the next step of the artist’s project Ben Elliot Water.
In March 2017, Elliot launched his own water bottle as a long term and multiform artwork. Through a bottle, campaign pictures, video and viral contents, it epitomizes several interests of our contemporary contexts such as self-branding, high speed media channels and posthumanism. This installation at Guest Room is the latest embodiment of the project thought as a mise en abyme where the artwork is an ad advertising the project, and where Elliot continues to build his image as an overall work and network of informations and ideas epitomizing ongoing and future systems and values.
Ben Elliot Water is made possible thanks to the support of 20YRS, Andy Berner, Louise Briskmann, Paul Duchemin, Samy Ghiyati, Sacha Guedj-Cohen, Lorandy, Charles Negre, Lily Taïeb and Voda Voda.




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