The Right to Work (reprised)


On view by appointment from November 8 to December 8, 2016.
“The Right to Work (reprised)” by John Taj Neville situates itself as the wreck of a vessel, communicating the dire state of under-paid and under-employed workers.
“Right to Work” legislation in North Carolina renders toothless any labor union within its jurisdiction, disallowing a more equitable society on a local level. State employees are strictly forbidden to organize under penalty of law. An oligarchic state government abides by these laws at the expense of livelihood of its constituency.
As such, the centerpiece of the installation (in it’s original form) was sized to imitate the standard measurements of a coffin. As a burial container for the concerns of laborers, the piece’s composition references the structure of a boat, though not one that can ever hold water. It has “run aground;” progress has been disrupted.
In this reprised version, reconstructed in collaboration with Andy Berner, the vessel is still a wreck but has been partially resurrected into a crude lean-to. A drawing of the original boat/coffin design hangs next to the piece.
“The Right to Work (reprised)” opens Tuesday, November 8, 2016 (election day in the USA) at Guest Room project space. Please join us anytime from 7-10 pm to see this work and also “The Candidates” by Sabine Gruffat. We will also be viewing election results through the evening. BYOB.

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