B-Movie Medusa (The Brain That Wouldn’t Die)

Live Reading: Amy White’s B-Movie Medusa (The Brain That Wouldn’t Die): Mythic Adventures in the Public Domain [in Modular Form with Liquid Implications]

Elin Slavick
October 30 at 9:57pm

The notes I took during Amy White’s epic reading of her brilliant paper written under the late Mary Sheriff’s MA tutelage:
Medusa w a head of poisonous snakes
If u look at her you turn to stone
Public domain means many things
Mythical space imaginary realm
Immaterial commodity
The brain that wouldn’t die
Collective ownership of severed heads
Spare body parts
Impatient erratic
Scoops up her head and tries to keep it alive
She becomes angry
Deathlessness of myths
Double your pleasure
Let me die
Keep massaging the heart
Compulsive doubling in brain script
Central condition / poison and cure
Female non person an/other
Severing doubling altering otherness
Optical unconscious
Bataille “great violence in humor”
Horrifying and hilarious
I operate when I am done looking
Operator under the knife – opera
Surgery is art
He claims her head as his own
She is an object / a fragment
The part has become the whole
Arbus’ Jewish giant plays the thing
Mythogenetic bond
Verbless fragment
Frozen representation
Lapidary develops patience
Rumors or myths
Faciality/ deleuze guitarri
Crystallizes all redundancies
Center of significance
Bodyless face
You leave me deathless
Contagion of fear
She is a host
Medical <> mythical
Medusa is a communicable disease
Unbodied fragment
Chaos is medusa’s signature
Too uncontrolled
Chaos – Eros
Union is the antidote
Utterance is chaos
Eloquence is medusas quality
Cixous laugh of medusa
Liquid and dark
Menstruating woman’s look can turn you to stone
Archaeosychic past
Consensual hallucination is cyberspace
Double efficacy / palm plus olive
The reveal like medusa a gaze / verb becomes a noun
Gods and monsters
Medusa is the patron saint of otherness
The mind itself is medusas domain
Shock of knowledge
Filmic water
Amniotic umbilical echoes
Conception at the cellular level
Conceived / conceived

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